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History of American Security Programs

ASP was founded in 1994 by Lynn Oliver. It was acquired in March 2014, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SecurAmerica. From the beginning, Mr. Oliver  assembled one of the very best,  most expert, and most honorable operations teams, compromised of decorated veterans and former leaders from prestigious federal law enforcement agencies, such as the secret service and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. We have a shared value system and base our work on integrity and customer service satisfaction.

The company's rapid growth commenced immediately, such that now, nearly two decades later, ASP has firmly established its unwavering reputation for being the premiere choice of customers seeking proven, no-nonsense security solutions from professionals who communicate and collaborate effectively as partners.

American Security Programs is also proud to be American owned and privately-held. This gives us enormous freedom in making decisions based on what's right for our people and our customers. It allows our business model to be anchored in American pride and the values we, as Americans, hold dear!

American Security Programs
1881 Campus Commons Drive
Suite 105
Reston, VA 20191

Phone: 703-834-8900

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