Our Company

Our Mission

"American Security Programs, like its parent company, strives to be recognized as the most responsive provider of contract security services in every market we serve. Our continuing mission is to exceed our customers' expectations with regard to protective services, consulting services, investigation services and training service. We will accomplish this by recruiting, training and retaining the best possible people and empowering them to deliver LEGENDARY service to every customer and at every interaction!"

Our Values

Our core values serve as the foundation of our business model and define the way we treat our employees and conduct business with our clients:

  • Our customers: First and foremost, we make a commitment to our clients. We accept and affirm our obligation to provide professional security services at all times. We furthermore acknowledge and affirm that we have a professional duty to ensure that our services are rendered at all times by eminently qualified personnel who are unquestionably capable of responsibly executing critical security functions, which may involve the protection of lives and/ or property.
  • Our employees: Our employees are our greatest asset. All employees must be treated fairly and respectfully. At all times, we must strive to ensure that our employees include only those individuals who share, acknowledge, and accept our core values. To those individuals, we will supply the necessary training, mentoring, and supervision to facilitate achievement and career growth. We will further encourage cooperation and coordination among employees as a sign of the fact that we mutually recognize the essential contribution that can be made by one another.
  • Our company: Our company should be understood as a business entity with unwavering obligating, duties, commitments, and promises to a multitude of parties, who regularly derive vital support and sustenance from our day-to-day proceedings as an organization. We must therefore always endeavor to treat our company with the utmost respect it deserves, conducting ourselves in a fashion that will promote positive brand image, inspire trust, protect against liability, and foster growth and profit.
  • Our community: We maintain a deep and heartfelt reverence for the institution of government, the rule of the law, and the "American way." We maintain a robust affinity for those particular organizations that enforce the law and that safeguard American institutions, including but not limited to police departments, fire departments, and the US military. We recognize that, as a security provider we have trusted and privilege status within the community, and we realize that our particular form of expertise should not to be reserved entirely for profitable ventures. We furthermore understand that we are honor bound to share with others who contribute to the welfare of nation and to the local neighborhood that accommodates our good fortune.

American Security Programs
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Suite 105
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Phone: 703-834-8900

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