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CorporateĀ  Office and Campus Operations

Private businesses, buildings, properties, and campuses benefit from customized services.

Direct Support For:

  • CEOs & Presidents
  • Board Members
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors of Security
  • Directors of Human Resources
  • Facility Managers
  • General Managers
  • Chief Facility Officers


  • Prevent Theft, Burglary, and Vandalism
  • Reduce Risk and Threats
  • Safeguard Employees and Costly Assets

Security Staffing:
American Security Programs provides state-certified security personnel to make the right impression on all employees, visitors, business associates, and executives. Our personnel can be ideal representatives of any company or office. They can stand in lobbies and at front desks, and can also patrol sites, wearing contract-customized uniforms.

Security Management:
American Security Programs offers a variety of customized and innovative management solutions. We deploy contract-exclusive and regionally-designated managers. We leverage substantial corporate support for every contract, and furthermore guarantee immediate access to our highest ranking executives, including our CEO. Our customers feel more confident knowing that our managers are available 24/7/365, ready to personally and professionally respond to any manner of incident.

Core Security Operations:
American Security Programs' officers can function as the unblinking eyes and the attuned ears of your office. Our personnel can perform access control, key control, system monitoring, patrolling, badging, incident reporting, visitor logging, and traffic control. When incidents arise, our staff can coordinate with local and municipal authorities to provide alarm response, emergency medical response, fire response, crime response, terrorism response, and response to natural disasters. Our teams will be capable of providing customer-oriented reception and concierge services, to include facility escorting. Our teams can also help your organization enforce crucial safety and security policies by reporting infractions observed during patrols.

Executive Protection:
Business opportunities may draw executives into unfamilair settings. For anyone who might become a potential target, American Security Programs offers a full suite of personalized security services. Our specialists can perform "lifestyle analyses" and "advance work" to predict potential threats and reduce dangers. We can also provide safety briefings, intercultural training, safe drivers, vehicles, GPS tracking, and certified escorts.

Special Staff Certifications:
All of our staff are fully licensed according to state regulatory standards. We can also supply personnel at all levels who are certified as armed security officers, Special Police Officers (SPO), Conservators of the Peace, Crime Prevention Practitioners, Certified Protection Professionals (CPP).

Risk & Threat Assessments:
American Security Programs performs complete and comprehensive evaluations of internal security conditions at clients' places of business. We can analyze existing systems, security manpower, security program administration, physical security measures, and policies. We can also assess external threats and liabilities, and can help clients realistically diagnose actual, imminent, and probable dangers.

Security Program Development:
American Security Programs supports numerous clients who are seeking to actualize improvements to their security programs. We can help your organization revise and update its chain of command, and can work with your personnel to draft security protocols and policy statements.

Awareness Training:
American Security Programs can provide customized training sessions to familiarize employees with basic principles of personal security, workplace security, business travel security, security industry best practices, and/or particular security threats. We can additionally assist with essential communications -- newsletters, emails, briefings, and memos -- that apprise staff of security concerns and mobilize interest in security issues. We can offer quick orientations, formal seminars, long-term programs, and/or informal brownbag lunches.

HR Investigations:
American Security Programs' professional team of fully-licensed private investigators can collaborate with your staff to discretely gather information about cases involving worker's compensation claims, sexual harassment claims, injuries, theft, embezzlement, policy breaches, and other forms of workplace misconduct. Our professionals can interview parties and collect sworn testimony. Our staff can operate in an overt or undercover manner. Litigation support can be provided on an as needed basis.

Employee Background Investigations:
We can help your organization perpetuate its superb reputation by conducting intensive background investigations. We perform criminal history checks, credit checks, previous employer verifications, reference checks, education checks, social security verifications, sexual offender checks, civil judgment checks, and finance/bankruptcy checks.

Business & Investor Research:
Acquisitions and investments involve an element of risk, even under the very best conditions and we can help clients assess prospective investment and partnership opportunities. We can perform bankruptcy checks, credit checks, analyses of annual reports and public financial records, and UCC filing searches. We can also gather crucial intelligence regarding marketing practices, security risks, legal copyrights and patents, and products and services. Our findings can be consolidated into formal reports, which will allow investors to make decisions with greater peace of mind.

Coordination With Law Enforcement:
Our organization cultivates close relationships with many local police and fire departments. Prior to implementing services at any site, our senior managers coordinate with the nearby emergency responders. For the duration of each contract, we then make certain that local and municipal authorities are acquainted with our security officers and managers.

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