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Government Operations

American Security Programs can provide Federal and State Agencies, as well as their contractors, with essential security services.

Direct Support For:

  • Installation Security Officers
  • Facility Security Officers
  • Contracting Officers
  • Contract Specialists
  • Technical Representatives
  • DoD Security Chiefs
  • Security Directors
  • Directors of Facility Services
  • Special Security Officers
  • Agency Decision Makers


  • Prevent & minimize loss
  • Maintain impeccable agency reputaiton among policy makers and VIPs
  • Prevent unauthorized access

Security Staffing:
American Security Programs provides Guard I and Guard II personnel, and we can additionally offer law enforcement officers, alarm monitors, corrections officers, court security officers, security clerks, special police officers, and conservators of the peace. Our security staff can be deployed on a continuous basis, or alternatively for short-term events and interrim contract periods. Our personnel can be unarmed or armed. They can additionally possess adjudications and clearances.

Basic Operations:
American Security Programs' professional teams perform access control, system monitoring, patrolling, badging, incident reporting, visitor logging, policy breach reporting, vehicle traffic control, alarm response, emergency medical response, fire response, crime response, HAZMAT response, and terrorism response. Our teams additionally provide customer-oriented services, including escorting and visitor reception.

American Security Programs' teams operate the government's most cutting edge x-ray, magnetometer, and biometric devices. Our teams maintain intimate familiarity with leading alarm systems (ex. Bosch, MDI, and Lenel). Our personnel also work with portable detectors, dosimeters, and brand name guard tour systems (ex. Detex, Guard1, Deggy, Watchman). We can provide FCC-licensed radios, as well as base stations, repeaters, cell phones, riot-gear, and badging and CCTV components. Our devices can operate on secure frequencies, and/or with security encryptions.

American Security Programs staffs higher-end positions with qualified Facility Security Officers (FSOs), Special Security Officers (SSO), Physical Security Specialists, Security Engineers, IT Specialists, Trainers, Private Investigators (PI), and other types of consultants. Our staff are intimately familiar with the most recent COMSEC regulations. We can handle restricted data, intelligence information, and information for official use only. We can also fulfill OPSEC requirements, including operation of SIPRNET and DCII accounts. All cleared personnel will be subjected to the necessary National Agency Checks (NACs) and Background Investigations (BIs).

American Security Programs' federal security teams typically receive more than 128 hours of training prior to assignment. We can certify personnel according to state standards, the standards of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), and the guidelines of the Federal Protective Services (FPS). We can additionally offer training that meets the specifications of the General Services Administration (GSA). We furthermore can train in accordance with pertinent military regulations, including AR-190-56, NAVFAC 5530.14c, A-830-2216, DoD 5210.56, DoD 5220.22-R, AFI 31-201, AFI 31-101. Our instructors are fully certified and experienced in their respective fields of responsibility.

Facility Operations:
American Security Programs' specialists can perform administrative duties associated with access to classified environments. We can schedule facility resources, provide escorts, and sign-in and sign-out users. We can also handle security at facilities with biosafety labs, clean rooms, and other special areas.

American Security Programs provides responsive, highly-involved managers on a 24/7/365 basis. We can offer contract-exclusive or regionally-devoted managers to accommodate the budgets and preferences of end users. Our managers closely control day-to-day performance, and they conference with their clients daily. Our clients also enjoy unimpeded access to our corporate executives. Many clients benefit from the significant corporate resources that we leverage for each contract.

Construction Surveillance:
American Security Programs plans, staffs, and manages comprehensive security programs for federal building construction sites.  We deploy teams of specialized personnel, who work together to control access, patrol premises, escort authorized candidates, and monitor construction and engineering. Our personnel can be cleared at any level up to and exceeding TS/SCI. These programs typically support site accreditation in accordance with DCID 6-9 and DCID 1-21.  We furthermore prepare the program documentation that is integral to building accreditation and certification. These services can be provided both inside the continental United States and overseas.

Inter-Agency Collaboration:
In facilities that host multiple agencies, it is often necessary to coordinate security activities among numerous on-site stakeholders. Our managers routinely liaison among departmental authorities to synchronize security efforts. We also readily collaborate with emergency responders. Our executives are actively involved with many local, regional, and national law enforcement organizations.

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