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Hospitality Industry Operations

American Security Programs provides the most professional security services to protect assets, prevent loss, and impress visitors and patrons.

Direct Support For:

  • Resort & Hotel Owners
  • General Managers
  • Directors of Security
  • Property Managers
  • Building Service Managers

What Reason:

  • Foster Impressions of Safety
  • Reduce Guest, Visitor, & Patron Inconvenience
  • Prevent Theft
  • Minimize Vandalism
  • Improve Public Image
  • Increase Peace of Mind

Long Term Premises Security Staffing:
American Security Programs posts uniformed personnel to lobbies, entryways, and common areas. Depending on the image preferred by each client, our personnel can present themselves in immaculate business-style or police-style uniforms. Our officers are carefully screened and intensively trained with regard to customer service skills. Our staff remain eminently polite and readily attentive.

Short Term Event & Holiday Security:
American Security Programs provides security officers for trade shows, conferences, and special occasions, such as weddings, Christmas parties, New Year's Eve events, and Mother's Day events. We can also provide fire watch and emergency service. We can customize uniforms for these events, and can furnish any number of extra staff on short notice.

Security Management:
American Security Programs offers customized solutions to support chains, franchises, and private locations. Our managers closely monitor day-to-day site operations, and they remain cognizant of their role in serving guests and patrons. We additionally provide the necessary resources and corporate support to rapidly coordinate special and temporary service requests.

Core Security Operations:
American Security Programs' officers perform access control, key control, system monitoring, and patrolling. When incidents arise, our staff can coordinate with local and municipal authorities to provide alarm response, emergency medical response, fire response, crime response, terrorism response, and response to natural disasters. Our teams will additionally be capable of providing customer-oriented reception and concierge services, to include escorting.

Traffic Control:
American Security Programs' personnel can be positioned at intersections and roadways to direct the flow of vehicles and prevent unnecessary delays. Our officers can undergo training with regard to driver signaling procedures. Our staff may be equipped with vests, cones, and whistles.

Value Added Services:
For the convenience of your visitors, guests and patrons, American Security Programs personnel can supplement the efforts of your other service staff. When necessary, our officers can perform tasks associated with valet service, concierge service, baggage service, and mailroom service.

Executive Protection:
For VIPs, American Security Programs offers a full suite of personalized security services. We can provide certified protective escorts, travel safety briefings, safe drivers, and GPS tracking. Our services can be arranged on an as needed basis, and may be considered a very desirable amenity for prestigious guests, since the services may simultaneously protect a target and ease travel (ex. reservations in advance, special access provisions, shortest route planning, pre-designated parking).

Security Audits:
American Security Programs provides the most complete and comprehensive evaluations of hotel/resort security conditions. We identify and diagnose potential deficiencies in any existing systems, security manpower, security program administration, physical security measures, and policies.

Program Development:
American Security Programs partners with security executives to develop specifications and schematics for security systems and manned posts. We help customers revise their chains of command, and work with client representatives to refine protocols and policy statements.

Background Checks:
To ensure that the comfort and enjoyment of visitors will never be compromised, American Security Programs conducts background investigations on employees and vendors, including front desk staff, catering staff, and maintenance staff. Our checks can cover criminal history, financial history, employment history, education history, records of sexual offense, and records of civil judgments. We can also perform drug tests, reference checks, and verifications of social security.

Incident Investigations:
The reputation of your business is one of your most important assets. Whenever potential liabilities and claims arise, it is often preferable to resolve matters quickly and quietly. American Security Programs collaborates with customers to discretely gather information about situations at hand. Without involving police or press, our fully licensed private investigators can interview parties, conduct surveillance, and collect legal evidence.

Secret Shoppers & Inspectors:
Undercover agents are frequently sent to hotels and resorts to evaluate the quality of day-to-day services. Usually, such undercover agents have broader experience of the hospitality industry, and they can easily point out the most insignificant variations in service quality.  However, due to their extensive training and broader experience, the undercover agents often exaggerate issues that are unimportant to typical guests. As trained observers, our professional investigative staff can provide the more "normal" perspective that your decision makers may be lacking.

Coordination with Law Enforcement:
American Security Programs cultivates close relationships with local emergency responders. Our on-site staff serve as regular liaisons with the local police and fire departments. We can make certain that local police officers and fire chiefs are acquainted with our customers, our personnel, and the particular interests of each location where we render services.

Maintenance Assistance:
American Security Programs on-site teams coordinate with maintenance staff to resolve issues pertaining to elevators, pools, exercise rooms, and other essential amenities. Our staff can additionally perform key control duties, and can work with maintenance employees to monitor and resolve utility malfunctions.

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