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Industrial Operations

American Security Programs is ready to provide compliant security to accommodate plants and other sites involved with chemical processing, manufacturing, construction, and heavy industrial operations.

Direct Support For:

  • Project Managers
  • Construction & Manufacturing Executives
  • Facility Managers
  • Chiefs & Directors of Security
  • EH&S Directors


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Restrict Access to Valuable Materials & Assets
  • Prevent Sabotage
  • Minimize Potential for Theft & Vandalism
  • Safeguard Employees
  • Reduce Risk Exposure

Security Planning:
American Security Programs works with customers to define security requirements for sites and projects. We use proven methods to help customers prioritize potential risks and evaluate when sites could benefit from security systems and patrol officers. American Security Programs also helps clients establish policies for access control, and can advise customers with regard to the implementation of physical security measures, such as gates, fences, and lighting.

Security Staffing:
The members of our on-site teams typically have prior experience in law enforcement or a related field. All of our personnel receive intensive OSHA-compliant training pertaining to safety policies and procedures. While maintaining the safety and security of a site, our staff remain perpetually alert and careful, exuding an eminently polite, authoritative presence.

Security Management:
We can accommodate requests for contract-exclusive and region-wide contract management. We can provide on-site supervisors with previous security experience in heavy industry, manufacturing, and/or construction. Our managers will monitor performance to ensure compliance with security and safety requirements. Our managers will personally respond to your security incidents. They will be able to liaison with law enforcement in your area, and will coordinate with municipal authorities to resolve emergencies if/when emergencies occur. Our supervisors and managers can be certified as Custom Protection Professionals (CPP) or as Project Management Professionals (PMP).

Loss Prevention:
American Security Programs' teams check badges, log visitors, redirect trespassers, and inspect deliveries and incoming vehicles. Our officers furthermore conduct continuous patrols that endeavor to diagnose safety hazards, such as malfunctioning machinery and HAZMAT spills. Our patrols also confirm that perimeter fences remain unbreached, and that essential safety measures -- such as lighting, warning signage, and non-slip mats -- are properly positioned and functioning. In addition, our officers can watch for criminal activities, and can monitor environmental controls/gauges, as well as alarm panels. Should the need arise, our teams are ready to apply CPR and First Aid, mobilize municipal responders, and operate extinguishers.

After Hours Patrols:
Industrial facilities and construction sites often store heavy machinery and costly equipment. In order to deter activities that could result in loss, theft, and vandalism, we can deploy teams of personnel to perform standards-compliant monitoring of premises. The officers that we assign will vigilantly roam along perimeters and check around all large vehicles and structures. They will have the ability to interpret HAZMAT signage, and will be ready to respond to common hazards that could potentially evolve into serious liabilities. The personnel who perform these duties can be fully trained in accordance with prevailing OSHA regulations for construction sites (ex. 29 CFR 1926).

Security Training:
We can offer special training that is focused on personal security and safety awareness.  We can certify individuals to legally practice CPR and First Aid. We can also develop site-specific training programs that will teach employees about the policies and the potential hazards of a worksite.

Personal Protection Equipment:
We deploy protective gear, communications infrastructure, and system components to support operations. We can supply cell phones, radios, base stations, repeaters, and secure frequencies. Our personnel can be equipped with hardhats, SCBA masks, dosimeters, goggles, latex gloves, steel toe boots, blood borne pathogen kits, face masks, and other appropriate safety equipment. Custom equipment packages can be deployed according the particular needs of your site.

Background Checks:
We can help companies establish a more secure environment by performing background checks on the employees and vendors who must traverse critical areas. We can check citizenship, validate social security numbers, and report evidence of criminal history.

HR Investigations:
Safety conditions are associated with a broad variety of potential liabilities, including workers compensation claims. Our investigators help clients gather information and evidence for impending lawsuits. We can conduct surveillance and can interview relevant parties to gain insight into incidents involving injuries, sexual harassment, negligence. We can work overtly or covertly. Litigation support can be provided on an as needed basis.

Asset Tracking:
To reduce the liabilities associated with theft, our company monitors and traces materials and equipment using concealable GPS technology. When the need arises, we can pinpoint the precise location, movement speed, and travel route of tools, vehicles, heavy machinery, and other expensive devices.

Coordination With Law Enforcement:
American Security Programs cultivates close relationships with local emergency responders. Our on-site staff serve as regular liaisons with the local police and fire departments.

Compliance Enforcement:
American Security Programs' on-site staff perform critical monitoring and reporting tasks that help clients comply with standard health, safety, and environmental ordinances. We can contribute to processes associated with ISO 9001, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), OSHA regulations, Quality Management Systems (QMS), SPC (Statistical Process Control), APQP, FMEA, PPAP, GMP, QS, TRIZ, CFR, CE, Taguchi, SA, HACCP, eSCM, and Dynamic Process Optimization.

Construction Surveillance:
American Security Programs plans, staffs, and manages comprehensive security programs for federal building construction sites.  We deploy teams of specialized personnel, including Access Control Officers (ACOs), Security Monitors (SMs), and Construction Surveillance Technicians (CSTs), who work together to control access, patrol premises, escort authorized candidates, and monitor construction and engineering. Our personnel can be cleared at any level up to and exceeding TS/SCI. These programs typically support site accreditation in accordance with DCID 6-9 and DCID 1-21.  We furthermore prepare the program documentation that is integral to building accreditation and certification. These services can be provided both inside the continental United States and overseas.

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