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As an established national provider, we can offer a more credible and encompassing scope of security and investigative services for attorneys and their clients.

Direct Support For:

  • Owners & Partners
  • Lawyers & Attorneys
  • Plaintiffs
  • Defendants
  • Witnesses


  • Increase Client Satisfaction
  • Increase Personal Safety
  • Obtain Winning Evidence
  • Ensure Due Process

Security Awareness Training:
Due to the nature of certain types of legal cases, prosecutors, defense attorneys, defendants, claimants, and witnesses may face tremendous personal risks. American Security Programs offers professional orientations about travel safety, residential safety, workplace safety, and self-defense.

Client Protection:
For legal council and clients who might become targets, American Security Programs offers a full suite of personalized security services to help mitigate imminent risks. Our specialists can perform "lifestyle analyses" and "advance work" to predict potential threats and remove targets from harm's way. We can furthermore provide safe drivers and vehicles, GPS tracking, and certified escorts.

Skip Searches:
American Security Programs helps law firms and clients determine the whereabouts of key witnesses and other missing parties. We can perform database searches and investigative fieldwork to locate individuals within the continental United States.

Background Checks:
American Security Programs is ready to gather information about the character of witnesses, clients, and defendants. Our checks can cover public news reputation, online communications, criminal history, financial history, employment history, education history, records of sexual offense, and records of civil judgments. We can also perform reference checks, and verifications of social security.

Witness & Suspect Interviews:
American Security Programs collects live and recorded statements from individuals. Our state-certified private investigators can work with you to develop appropriate interaction and interrogation strategies. Our professional staff will comply with all laws of evidence collection.

Residential Checks For Subpoenas:
American Security Programs specialists track and locate the residences of witnesses, suspects, experts, and defendants. Whenever possible we confirm our findings prior to reporting them to clients.

Process Service:
American Security Programs serves court papers to witnesses and defendants. Papers may be served to recipients at any time of day preferred by our clients. Repeated attempts to serve papers can be made as required. Signed affidavits of service are returned to the court after each successful delivery.

Asset Searches:
American Security Programs can endeavor to identify and locate material resources that are owned by private citizens and corporations. Our searches can reveal corporate hierarchies of subsidiary ownership, as well as the existence of valuable personal property, such as vehicles, boats, and homes. We can also report relevant aspects of financial history, to include credit ratings, bankruptcies, liens, collections, and defaults on loans.

To support our clients in their discovery phase efforts, American Security Programs can perform fixed and mobile surveillance assignments. All surveillance assignments are completed by our professionally licensed private investigators. Our staff can be equipped with cameras and video recording devices. We can accomodate nearly any request, working overtly and covertly, deploying teams and individuals, both on foot and in vehicles. Formal reports of findings can be prepared and delivered as needed. Surveillance services can be provided anywhere within the United States.

We can provide expert witnesses who are prepared to release testimony and public commentary. The experts that we provide can address a wide variety of security issues. Regardless of whether your case requires convincing might require corroboration of industry best practices or verifications of system schematics and engineering, we can readily deliver the court-approved and court-acknowledged representatives that you need.

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