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Insurance Companies:
Our professionals can help companies probe claims involving worker's compensation issues, injuries, misconduct, sexual harassment, theft, embezzlement, fraud, compliance failures, and affirmative action contentions. We can interview witnesses, collect photo and video evidence, hand-search files, analyze financial filings, and aggregate official records. Our specialists can furthermore track assets using GPS, follow leads, confirm alibis, and qualify suspects. Our experienced and certified private investigators will remain eminently discrete and sensitive to delicate PR considerations.

Biosafety Labs & Medical Facilities:
Our company has an extensive record of impeccable performance at biosafety labs and medical facilities. Our experts are intimately familiar with seminal regulatory publications, such as the BMBL and 42 CFR, as well as other relevant military regulations, such as DoD 5210.88 and DA PAM 385-69. We moreover are able to provide our personnel with essential specialized instruction, such as MOAB training, blood borne pathogen training, and general lab safety training. We are aware of the sensitivities that surround such contracts, and regardless of the biosafety level of the facility in question, we can deliver the services with the greater degree of attention and care that are merited.

Schools and Universities:
We provide security for a number of educational institutions, including leading colleges and universities. We can deploy security officers who can monitor campus activities, patrol buildings, and respond to emergencies. Our personnel are trained to be friendly yet assertive when necessary, and they possess the very latest security certifications that -- in the wake of recent tragedies -- are legally required in educational settings.

As institutions that store treasured artifacts, museums can rank among the most sensitive of all types of facilities. On behalf of our clients, we routinely deploy the security teams who make visitors and patrons feel more welcome and secure. Our teams can be positioned at entry and exit screening stations, and also throughout exhibit areas. They can inspect parcels, and can also operate x-ray machines and magnetometers. Our personnel are always cordial and courteous, knowledgeable during emergencies, and they can effectively exercise crowd control skills on demand.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers:
Among the most serious liabilities that are usually faced by warehouses and distribution centers are theft, loss, and damage. Our security teams can act as a 24/7 uniformed presence capable of deterring external -- as well as internal -- breaches. Our officers can continuously monitor and patrol areas, check IDs, and confirm access privileges. Our teams can also report incidents and coordinate with law enforcement. Through our investigative division, we can furthermore conduct the inquiries, surveillance, and undercover operations that may help to capture evidence, diminish loss, and recover assets.

Event Venues:
Whether the need is for security at a stadium, or a convention center, or a municipal event, or an expo, American Security Programs can provide the necessary manpower to screen patrons and parcels. Our event personnel receive extra and specialized and relevant instruction pertaining to crowd control and terrorism awareness and response. Our teams are also prepared to coordinate with law enforcement and other emergency responders.

Retail Centers:
We can deploy uniformed officers to patrol parking lots, deter shoplifting, and respond to emergencies. We can also support ramp-ups during holidays. Through our investigative division, we can additionally offer "undercover shopper" services to help clients evaluate their in-store customer experience.

Transit Operations & Terminals:
We work with transit authorities to arrange security services for major metropolitan airports, train stations, and bus terminals. We can provide security officers to ride in cabins, respond to incidents, and coordinate with law enforcement. All members of our professional teams receive specialized instruction in the area of anti-terrorism. Our personnel can monitor the entire scope of sensitive facility operations and they can screen travelers and luggage using the latest technologies.

Private Citizens:
We offer a variety of professional services to private citizens. Clients with an interest in personal protection will appreciate our safety briefings and our security drivers, as well as our ability to choreograph personal routines with a mind to diminishing potential threats. For those interested in employment opportunities within the security industry, we also offer courses and seminars that lead to required industry certifications. We offer also a full suite of investigative services, including background investigation services and surveillance services.

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