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Residential Operations

Homeowners and tenants will immediately feel safer and more confident knowing that their families and material assets are being protected with our premium services.

Direct Support For:

  • Property Owners
  • Property Managers
  • HOA Leaders
  • Building Managers


  • Safeguard Residents
  • Preserve Condition of Costly Amenities
  • Safeguard Investments
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Prevent Blemishes to Reputation That Could Impact Property Value

Security Staffing:
American Security Programs can provide a uniformed presence at your property. Our uniformed personnel will be eminently polite, courteous, clean-cut, outgoing, and personable. Our staff can learn resident names, and can help you foster a richer sense of community and belonging. The officers that we assign to your site will have previous experience in the security or law enforcement fields, and they will be capable of cultivating a highly respected and widely appreciated reputation among your tenants.

Security Management:
We can fully customize the management structure of your contract. Upon request, we can furnish lead officers, supervisors, and/or contract-exclusive managers. Our managers will routinely respond to your security incidents and will prepare customized reports. They will liaison with law enforcement in your area, and will coordinate with municipal authorities when emergencies transpire. Our managers can have previous experience in security and law enforcement, and they can hold additional certifications as Crime Prevention Practitioners, Certified Protection Professionals (CPP), or Conservators of the Peace.

Core Security Operations:
American Security Programs' officers can politely interact with residents and can perform tasks associated with concierge and lobby assignments. Our officers can also execute duties associated with access control at front gates and guard shacks. Our staff can furthermore operate alarm and CCTV systems, and can control keys to assist residents. During emergencies, our personnel can mobilize municipal response authorities. They can coordinate with maintenance staff, and can monitor the activities of other vendors. To support communities with children, our guards can perform crossing-guard and traffic control services during peak times.

Community Patrols:
Our guards can continuously roam your property, monitoring structures, roads, parking lots, alleys, and playgrounds. While roaming, our officers can watch for vandalism, such as graffiti and vehicle damage. The can also check for illicit activities, such as late-night meetings on playgrounds, vehicle thefts, and/or drug-related odors. Additionally, our officers can look for safety hazards, such as downed power lines, chemical spills, debris in the road, and/or icy patches. They can furthermore check for ruined fencing, malfunctioning gates, broken lighting, shattered windows, unlocked doors, and breaches of community policy, such as non-condoned use of barbecues on patios, or improper trash disposal.

Neighborhood Watch:
American Security Programs can help your community implement a vibrant neighborhood watch program. We can orchestrate the necessary meetings, and can familiarize your residents with representatives of the local police and fire departments. We can also coordinate watch schedules for your residents, and can offer orientations and training regarding watch responsibilities, procedures, and skills.

Risk & Threat Assessments:
Our professional consultants can visit your property to evaluate your existing security measures. We can recommend placement of systems and devices, and can analyze your application of physical security measures. We can also determine whether your community's safety and security policies are clearly written and encompassing. We can also conduct external risk and threat assessments to determine whether your property or your tenants might be targeted.

Security Program Development:
American Security Programs' specialists engage customers in collaborative planning to improve security conditions at properties. We work with customer representatives to draft security protocols and policy statements. We can also help you refine your allocation of security manpower and physical security systems. As we guide you through the process of actualizing your new and improved vision of a security program, you will be able to benefit from our substantial expertise in the field.

Tenant & Vendor Background Checks:
Our investigative staff can help to make sure that communities are only inviting desirable parties onto the premises. We are prepared to perform background checks on all residents and on all individuals who routinely render third-party services in the proximity of resident homes. We can perform criminal history checks, sexual offender checks, previous employer verifications, reference checks, social security verifications, civil judgment checks, credit checks, and finance/bankruptcy checks.

Insurance Investigations:
American Security Programs' investigators can gather information about potential claims and persistent liabilities. We can conduct surveillance and can interview relevant parties to gain insight into incidents involving injuries, sexual harassment, vandalism, negligence, vendor misconduct, and/or policy breaches. Our professional staff handle the most delicate information with utmost discretion. Litigation support can be provided on an as needed basis.

Property Research:
For property executives, we can gather information regarding impending business opportunities. To aid potential property acquisitions, we can check the public records of targeted property management companies for signs of bankruptcies, debt, and financial turmoil. We can also gather information regarding property liabilities, such as recent crime trends and potential security risks. Our findings are consolidated into formal reports, which allow our customers to make decisions with greater peace of mind.

Coordination With Law Enforcement:
American Security Programs cultivates closer relationships with local emergency responders. Our on-site staff serve as regular liaisons with the local police and fire departments. We make certain that the local police officers and fire chiefs are acquainted with our customers and the unique security and safety concerns being confronted in the locations where we render services.

Residential Security Seminars:
Security can be a leading consideration when selecting a place to live. To reinforce residents' impressions of safety, we can offer community-oriented seminars. Our seminars can provide training regarding current and traditional security topics, such as personal safety, fire prevention, self-defense, and family emergency preparedness.

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