Consulting Services

American Security Programs delivers professional consulting services.

Services To:

  • Prevent Theft, Burglary, and Vandalism
  • Reduce Risk and Threats
  • Safeguard Employees and Costly Assets

Facility Reviews:
Security improvement begins with an accurate sense of prevailing site conditions. American Security Programs' experts, who have years of experience and exposure to crime trends and creative criminal tactics, can offer briefings and can systematically inventory existing procedures, policies, technologies, physical tactics, and community resources. The product of this service is an accurate accounting of a broad scope of critical factors that contribute to the security climate at a facility. Our final report will broadly direct attention to the major dimensions of security that should become the focus of more comprehensive and detailed security assessments.

Security Assessments:
American Security Programs helps clients validate the effectiveness of their existing security programs. Our experts can test and monitor particular features of a security program to determine whether the current security measures will make it easier or more difficult to penetrate a facility and compromise its personnel, valuable materials, and intellectual assets. We can offer draft summaries and formal written reports of findings, and upon request can issue actionable recommendations pertaining to security practices.

Risk & Threat Analysis:
American Security Programs provides insight into the potential security threats confronting our clients. We can help clients learn more about plausible threats arising from company image, location, industry, communications, and personnel. We can deliver relevant, threat-related data from proprietary systems and public records searches.

Schematics & System Design:
American Security Programs works with customers to review and improve system architecture and infrastructure. We can develop blueprints according to specifications. Our experts can help evaluate the products that are available on the market, ever mindful of compliance and compatibility considerations, as well as future scalability concerns. We can select and design full-scale systems entailing biometric devices, cameras, lenses, alarms, smart cards, transmitters, panels, computers, recording devices, monitors, speakers, power sources, and specialized security software. Our company does not produce or manufacture equipment, so we have no vested interest, and can provide unbiased guidance.

Security Program Development:
American Security Programs can help clients improve their existing security programs. We can work with clients to develop new policy manuals and procedural guides. We can also help clients refine communications processes and command structures. We can furthermore help clients prepare RFP statements, and can vet vendors. As we guide you through the process of actualizing your new and improved vision of a security program, you will be able to benefit from our substantial expertise in the field.

Security Countermeasures:
American Security Programs can perform electronic signal sweeps of critical operating areas to confirm that concealed surveillance equipment is not present. Using state-of-the-art signal tracking and jamming equipment, we make sure that our clients can carry on their sensitive exchanges without fear of others eavesdropping, wiretapping, or otherwise intercepting signals.

Motivational & Awareness Briefings:
Employees must learn to follow the security best practices that are endorsed by their employers. When policies and procedures are changed at an organization, it can sometimes take a great deal of effort to defeat resistance and motivate compliance. American Security Programs can help your organization deliver the newsletters and email updates that will normalize new policies and ease acceptance. We can also orient employees regarding recently implemented, employer-specific security policies and protocols.

Security Seminars:
Security considerations now permeate a wide variety of business operations. American Security Programs offers formal, interactive, professional development sessions to help security directors, property managers, and executives learn more about specific security issues. We can provide training and education regarding such topics as personal safety, travel safety, workplace violence, sexual harassment, mailroom security, emergency response protocols, disaster recovery, coop planning, premises liability, IT security, and security program management.

Executive Searches:
American Security Programs helps clients identify and hire candidates for top security positions. We can locate qualified Security Directors, Facility Security Officers, Security Support Officers, and Chief Security Officers. We work with our customers to gain insight into their needs, then hand-pick the most qualified applicants through our professional networks.

Expert Witness Testimony:

Occasionally, it is necessary to determine for a court case whether security at a facility has been negligent. For cases such as these, we can offer sworn testimony. The personnel who we provide will be experts who are qualified to professionally assess and critique security programs for a court of law.

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