Investigative Services

American Security Programs delivers professional investigative services.

Services To:

  • Prevent Theft, Burglary, and Vandalism
  • Reduce Risk and Threats
  • Safeguard Employees and Costly Assets

There are times when it makes sense to distrust other people -- be they friends, relatives, significant others, associates, employees, partners, or mere acquaintances. American Security Programs can deploy licensed personnel to shadow and monitor designated parties. While working on your behalf, our fully licensed and certified personnel will continuously observe and report incidents and situations that may be of interest to you. Our staff can gather a stream of court-admissible evidence, which may include photographs, videos, and biological data. We can also provide GPS tracking services. In accordance with each customer's needs and wishes, our staff can operate covertly or overtly.

Undercover Investigations:
The best information often comes from insiders. American Security Programs helps clients gain the insider's perspective by discretely positioning our agents as mundane participants within a setting -- within companies, outside of homes, in clubs, in stores, in theaters, in restaurants, in hotel lobbies, in social institutions, or on the street. Our representatives are given the training and resources to blend into their surroundings and remain inconspicuous. We employ a full time staff of experienced and licensed investigative agents, representing both genders and a wide variety of ethnicities.

Subject Interviews:
American Security Programs' professional investigators can attempt to gather information in-person from relevant parties, including witnesses and suspects. Our personnel are masters of standard and subtle questioning techniques, with training in and sensitivity to deception cues. Upon concluding such inquiries, our personnel prepare reports for our clients.

Missing Person Searches:
American Security Programs can track down and pinpoint the current location of friends, relatives, former associates, beneficiaries, witnesses, ex-romantic partners, delinquent borrowers, and other parties with whom our clients have lost touch.

Background Investigations:
American Security Programs performs credit checks, residence checks, reference checks, employment checks, education checks, and criminal history checks (up to 10 years). If necessary, we can perform hand searches of court records. We can also perform license plate searches, SS# verification, bankruptcy checks, civil record searches, DMV checks, state sexual offense checks, and tax lien and judgment checks.

Compliance Checks:
American Security Programs investigative specialists can provide third-party audit services, monitoring compliance with internal and external policies and regulations. Our staff includes experts on employment issues (ex. ADA, HIPPA, FLSA, FMLA), cost accounting issues (ex. GAP, FASB, Sarbanes-Oxley), licensing issues (ex.  NISP), security issues, insurance issues, and service contract act issues.

Data Mining:
American Security Programs locates and accesses data from online resources and from proprietary systems with limited public access. Our professional investigative team is able to gather public records -- including financial and court records -- from a wide variety of sources. Using custom applications and advanced query and processing techniques, we can help clients draw intelligence from the most complex data matrices, sifting and filtering the records until we successfully pinpoint the precise information our customers most desire.

Notary Services:
Our professional staff are notaries who can observe official document executions, and certify identities of signatories. Our staff can also notarize statements and testimony for court records.

Process Service:
American Security Programs delivers subpoenas and summonses to witnesses, experts, suspects, and defendants. Our standard service includes multiple delivery attempts, affidavits of service, and complementary filing at respective court houses. We have an extremely high rate of success (>97%) when delivering papers in-person to subpoena recipients.

To support cases where our personnel have become incident witnesses -- as is often the case when we provide surveillance services -- we offer sworn witness testimony. American Security Programs personnel arrive in court, ready to accurately report to judges and juries everything they have seen and heard while working their cases.

Evidence Collection & Archiving:
American Security Programs' professionals can gather court admissible evidence to support and validate claims. Our personnel can take photographs, record videos, and gather biological trace material. Evidence is securely stored for the duration of each case, and can be archived for longer periods according to customer requirements.  GPS TRACKING: American Security Programs can locate and trace people and material assets using satellite surveillance. On 24/7 basis, we can use GPS technology to help customers monitor and pinpoint the precise location, movement speed, and travel route of family members, VIPs, vehicles, and valuables.

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