Protective Services

American Security Programs delivers professional protective services.

Services To:

  • Prevent Theft, Burglary, and Vandalism
  • Reduce Risk and Threats
  • Safeguard Employees and Costly Assets

Facility Protection:
American Security Programs deploys teams to perform tasks associated with incident observation, access monitoring, patrolling, reporting, emergency response, law enforcement, and public relations. We also provide a wide scope of value-added services that support the operations and maintenance of client properties. We are prepared to provide these services anywhere within the United States. We can also provide these services at locations overseas.

Personal Protection:
High profile executives and VIPs sometimes become targets of malicious assailants. American Security Programs can help prominent figures and their families reduce potential dangers as they travel, work, socialize, and spend time at home. Our experts can provide security briefings, and can perform advance work and countermeasures that will minimize the potential for harm.

Mobile & Afterhours Units:
American Security Programs offers vehicle-based patrol services entailing the deployment of trained officers who can periodically navigate through a property to check for security breaches. The periodic visits can occur according to a fixed schedule, or at random intervals during targeted timeframes. The mobile units can follow fixed or random routes, and they may cover both the main roads and obscure areas of a property. Patrols can be performed in marked or unmarked vehicles.

Alarm Response:
Sometimes a constant security presence is not practical. For agencies and companies with sensitive facilities, American Security Programs provides an "instant" security alternative. We work in coordination with our customers and their alarm companies to deploy qualified mobile security units who arrive within minutes when an alarm is triggered. Our personnel provide an on-site presence as long as necessary to mobilize the required response from law enforcement and client representatives. Thereafter, we follow up with official reports of the incidents.

We can deploy Guard I officers, Guard II officers, state-certified security officers, and executive protection agents. Our personnel can be armed or unarmed, cleared or non-cleared, and they may wear police-style or business-style uniforms. We subject our officers and agents to a battery of background checks, psychological checks, financial checks, medical checks, and skill/proficiency tests. We provide our security personnel with elite training that is compliant with federal, state, local, and agency-specific requirements.

We routinely provide on-site and off-site managers to oversee our security teams. Our team includes executive-level retirees from prestigious federal agencies, such as the ATF, the Secret Service, the FBI, and all branches of the United States Military. The members of our corporate team -- including our logistics managers, human resources managers, quality control managers, financial specialists, and security operations managers -- diligently support our managers and clients, making sure that our contracts run smoothly.

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