Post Certification

All American Security Programs security personnel are certified in the post in which they will be assigned.  This certification process involves the completion of a comprehensive OJT checklist, an initial post knowledge test, weekly performance evaluations over the first 30 days of the officer’s deployment at a post and a final certification examination that blends complex scenarios and questions to assess the officer’s ability to know and apply routine and emergency concepts and protocols to actual and potential situations and circumstances.   At the end of the process and only after the officer has successfully completed all elements of training (and is finally reviewed by his/her post trainer or supervisor), the officer is formally certified to work the post for which they were selected.

Initial Post Knowledge Test

At the end of the OJT period and following completion of the OJT checklist, newly assigned officers are given an initial test to determine their initial knowledge of the post and associated responsibilities.  The test includes multiple choice and open ended questions along with scenarios to determine how the officer will react to routine, non-routine and emergency situations.    Each test is customized based on the site and post but is usually 20 to 25 questions that pose basic questions about the officer’s key duties and the property to which they are assigned.

Completed tests along with the OJT checklists are reviewed by the post trainer and shift supervisor to determine the new officer’s proficiency to stand the post in a solo assignment.  Any incorrect questions are addressed by the trainer and shift supervisor.  If necessary, an officer will be re-trained in the area(s) where they did not satisfactorily answer test questions.  Once re-training occurs (if any is required), the officer is certified for solo duty at the post for an initial period of 30 days.

Weekly Evaluations

Once an officer has been certified for initial post assignment, the officer’s performance is then evaluated weekly for four weeks by the officer’s supervisor(s) using a post evaluation form.  This evaluation will assess:

  • Competency on post
  • Knowledge of duties and responsibilities
  • Paperwork, reports and forms
  • Customer service
  • Safety
  • Understanding of emergency response procedures
  • Ability to successfully discuss actions in a routine and non-routine scenario
  • Demonstrated ability to use equipment properly
  • Image, demeanor and overall performance
  • Areas of strength
  • Areas of improvement
  • Required actions by the officer or the supervisor
  • Client management feedback, as appropriate and applicable

For each review category the officer is rated in one of three categories:  “Exceeds Expectations,” “Meets Expectations” or “Needs Improvement.”  Any deficiency noted is addressed and an action plan developed in concert with the site trainer and Account Manager.

Final Post Proficiency Examination

At the end of 30 days of solo post assignment, the officer is given a comprehensive examination to determine if the officer has the acceptable level of competency to permanently be assigned to the post. Exams present 15 to 20 scenarios along with related questions to determine if the officer can successfully apply post knowledge to various situations that are specific to the site, post and post duties.
Exams are administered and corrected by the officer’s supervisor.  Final certification examinations are developed during American Security Programs’s transition process and reflect the requirements of the post and building.

Final Certification

Once all elements of American Security Programs’s post certification process have been facilitated, the security officer is internally-certified to work the post to which he/she has been assigned.  No officer is allowed to work a post if they do not have this certification.  In order to maintain this certification, officers are required to pass an annual re-certification exam, successfully complete in-service/annual training and participate in monthly post training audits that are conducted by shift supervision. 

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