Training Policies

Please be on time for all classes and qualifications – anyone who arrives late will not be admitted to class/range. Any American Security Programs (ASP) Employee or Candidate who does not cancel prior to class will be deemed a No Call No Show and appropriate action will be taken.

Classroom and firearm training requires all attendees to be in business casual clothing (no sweat pants, tank tops or open toed shoes) to be sure that attendees can participate safely in all aspects of the training. If attendees are attending a firearms training they must be in pants with belt loops and belt.

Firearms Qualifications require all current ASP Officers to be in uniform and have all duty equipment (no weapons) for Firearms Qualifications. Candidates must be in business casual attire (no sweat pants, tank tops, or open toed shoes) with pants with belt loops and belt.

If attendees are not in proper attire, they will not be allowed to attend the training and appropriate action will be taken.

Please remember to bring proper identification as well as payment for the class if applicable. If you are unsure if you are applicable please clarify by email or phone. 

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