Training Staff

Josh McMahon, Director

As Director of Training and Quality Assurance Mr. McMahon is responsible for the safe, effective and timely application of all American Security Programs training throughout the United States. Mr. McMahon served seven years in the U.S. Navy/Navy Reserve working in security and law enforcement; during which time he worked closely with local law enforcement SWAT teams and NCIS STAT conducting various training exercises for active shooter events, CBRNE incidents, hostage situation and entry control point operations. For two years Mr. McMahon worked with U.S. Navy EOD providing training and assistance. Mr. McMahon has provided training in Anti-Terrorism, Force Protection, Use of Force, Firearms , Less Lethal Weapons, Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing to 5000+ U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy contract, DHS contract, local law enforcement and civilian personnel.

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Javon Bergeron, Trainer

Mr. Bergeron has more than eight years of senior-level experience as a Marine Embassy Security Guard, Radio Chief and Marksmanship Coach. He possesses exceptional expertise in the areas of physical security, personnel security, facility security, prevention, preparedness, detection and response. Mr. Bergeron additionally has specializations in homeland security, radio communications operations, nuclear, biological, radiological and chemical operations, anti-terrorism, marksmanship, inspection and surveillance. He is an innovative leader with extensive experience developing and implementing training programs. He has personally delivered thousands of hours of classroom instruction, and in the process has certified thousands of security personnel.

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